Tribiute to Hrabal

Tribute to Bohumil Hrabal

An attempt to transfer the literary qualities and meanings to an object. Is it possible for an object to speak or to convey a meaning?
Using the means of design I tried to express the merits of Hrabal’s output most dear to me: display of the human and the casual, combination of the lowbrow and the highbrow, putting inferior qualities on pedestal, adding irony, aloofness and contrariness.
An everyday use object – a cupboard. Yet a cupboard which is transparent, one that reveals what’s usually hidden at the bottom of drawers, in the darkness of shelves. In fact, it’s like a glass display cabinet in a museum, housing exhibits of plain everyday life. Its shiny, smooth material is pierced by an old rotten board, engraved by bark beetles, which supports the whole thing: what is high and lofty just can’t exist unless accompanied by what’s mean and fallen